G3 Set Concept (Not Sokoda, Sadly): Fight for the Mask Fragment

Hey guys! It's the Wafflemeister! I'm here to (finally) share a set concept of my own! The cast said they'd be choosing their set wave soon, so I'm sending this idea just to feel like I've contributed.

So, this is a set that I'm just going to call "Fight for the Mask Fragment". It's a location set that takes place in a cave the Toa venture in to find a fragment of the Mask of Time. It includes four minifigs, two Rahi, a speeder-type vehicle, and four location pieces.

By the way, I'm just going to apologize for the off-centered pictures. So here is a statue with a piece of the mask placed on him. Originally, I was going to design a Rahkshi hideout, and had a Rahkshi statue, but I decided this would work better. I tried to make the mask fragment actually look like a mask fragment. It does have a function, there's a tile in the back you press to send the statue soaring. Oldest Lego function in the book.

Here is the entryway to the cave, using lots of stone elements and red flags to spice it up a bit. Not much to say, I just think it looks kind of cool.

Here is a pillar that has come to lean over time.
It makes a cool area for some Toa to fight some Rahkshi, and I included little stands for the fighters too.

Yay! Weapons! These I really just put in to experiment with some weapon ideas, I thought it'd look cool.

So these are some bat-bird Rahi. Don't have a name for them, but I think they're just pretty cute. They also have articulated poseable wings.

I'm really sorry about the minifigs, just pretend they look exactly like @Sokoda 's, save for the weapons and Vorahk's legs. Gali I just made a new kind of hook that does not use the banana piece.

Turahk I wanted to test out a staff-blade weapon thing, I think it looks really cool, and I like how the blades can fold in. I can imagine him spinning the folded-blade weapon like a shield.

Pohatu's weapon is similar but completely different than @Sokoda 's, I went for a more symmetrical and metal feel to it.

This is Vorahk and his speeder, I used the Maul/Grevious legs even before I heard TTV likes them, so here can be an experiment. Unfortunately, I had made the figure before I listened to the latest episode, so the picture does not have bat wings. However, I did make some copies to show what they'd look like. But before that, I made the speeder have a black and brown color scheme like Vorahk's concept art, and gave it a cannon. I also decided to bring back the Chronicler Staff piece in this, and I think it looks really sweet. I gave him two Elven blade weapons that can attach to the sides, as you can see.

Here's the bat version of Vorahk, using both types of legs. I still really like the Maul legs, both Maul and Grevious literally being biomechanical (at least sorta). But what do you guys think? Which Vorahk is :thumbsup: and what weapons are :thumbsup: and how :thumbsdown: are my LDD skills? I'm not a great system builder... Anyways, thanks for checking this out, please comment, like, and whatever! Have a good one!


"Not Sokoda, Sadly"

I get you bro, I get you.

Nah, this set looks great, interesting weapon designs, especially Turahk, it's a clever use of those pieces. I like the bat ideas for Vorahk but I'm not sure how canon they are.


Really cool set concept, I really like it. I especially love how you used these surfbord pieces on Vorahks vehicle. This vehicle reminds me a lot of the 06 bionicle system sets. I think your idea for a mask of time piece is great (while staying with existing pieces), but I have no idea how we could build a working minifigure size mask out of 6 pieces.

@Kardax please don't make me feel bad^^


Yes, I had the same htought cross my mind. The closest I could ever get without making the mask look too bulky or awful is this, though it only has 5 pieces:

It's great when you get a positive review from someone who's "basically a legend"! :smile:


Wow this is a great idea for the mask. I never thought about adding spikes onto it. If it had 3 or 4 spike pieces to a new base mold you could get away with giving the mask 6 pieces.

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Haha, don't worry bud but you do kinda set the bar. I'm here to break it :smiley:

Also @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister anyone who does G3 is a legend.

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Well, not everyone. You, Sokoda, Wafflemeister after this definitely (in terms of set concepts), but not me.

Self-deprecation aside, as I implied, this set is definitely pretty good, and very, very LEGO. I actually thought that speeder was a turret, but I certainly adore that design; there's so much to it. Firing function, technic parts, weapon holders, and a control yoke that works with my favourite interpretation of Vohrak... I love the miniature action feature of Turahk's staff as well. There's also the connected cave sections, which really makes it feel like LEGO to me (as in, a set that they'd do.)

I also feel the need to point out that Maul and Grievous use different leg pieces. Grievous's actually have two sections to be coloured in LDD. The ones you and Kardax use are the Maul legs.


We're all at different stages in the G3 Legends process :smiley:

I mistook the speeder for a turret too, built's just the angle it was rendered at. Yes I use the maul legs, didn't know the grievous legs had the double colours, good tip.

I apologize for this, I wanted to make the set look like it’s in a box-cover action scene, though I kind of should work on my placement of set pieces.

Man, your comments are make me so happy I want to cry, thank you so much...

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Save the crying for the next Brainstorm, methinks.


@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister @Sanokal

Brainstorm keeps me watching TTV, I'm moving to uni soon and even there, I'll have limited internet, so I may only be able to watch the highlights.

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Man, that’s just too bad. Hope things work out for you!

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I love how you did gali’s hooks

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I like how the art style looks very digital. Why is it a mask fragment though?

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Um… first of all it’s on LDD, so it is digital. Second of all, in G3 there are mask of time fragments that the Toa need to find to save Artahka