G3 Set Concept: Vorahks Devourer

Hi, Sokoda again with my new G3 Set concept. I really want to see how you react to my newest creation, which is a typicall LEGO vehicle set. I thought, for my final set of my first wave, I want to go back too my roots a bit and do a similar set to my first one I uploded here, I also think, that LEGO would want to have at least a couple vehicle sets in a new line.
As always I had to add the masks, and some parts of onua that are not in the LDD after rendering the images. This is to show how the set would look with these pieces.
The Set has 404 pieces(including the 2 masks)

My new set contains the main build, Vorahks Devourer and a little scenery of the Tiro landscape. The included minifigures are Vorahk, Onua and a Matoran student.

1. Vorahks Devourer

For Vorahks Devourer I wanted to build a truck or tank like vehicle, which tries to capture the typical G1 Rahkshi look, and also go for a very skeletal look. My intention for the design for all things concerning Vorahk was that with his hunger attribute, you could go in two ways: Make him a really bulky character, because of his hunger, or make him really skinny, almost like a skelleton, and thats why he is all about hunger. I chose to make him rather small and skinny, to contrast Onua. Thats why I went for a skeletton-like looking vehicle.

The back of the Devourer has the typicall Rahkshi-spikes

The model has an integrated function, that makes the Rahkshi-mout open and close, when the Devourer drives. (which is another tie to Vorahks hunger-attribute)

(Gear function for the mouth)

Inside the “rip-cage” you can stow Vorahks weapons

2. The Scenery

As alway I includet a little bit of scenery for the region of Tiro with a little sign. It can be connected to some of my other set concepts. I was trying to go for a forest or swamp look.

3. The Minifigures

As I explained above, I wanted to go for a very skinny looking Vorahk so I gave him the LEGO minifigures “Pan-legs”. In my opinion these retain the look of @Oomatu s art, but don’t make the figure too large.

I tried to do Onua as close to the official designs as possible, which was really hard this time (because, whil we got new pieces in LDD it only has one Axl arm and not the torso), so the image is kind of put together outof many pieces and I hope you like how it looks.

The final minifigure is a Matoran, I imagine to be a student in Tiro.

Here you can see the minifigure accessories a bit better, with Vorahk using his spears like in the Rahkshi weapon concepts by @DarkHenrik and @Oomatu.

This was my final set for my first wave. I have now done one set for each region.
I will soon take a bit of a time off, but before that I will post another topic with some questions for the community and maybe some little surprises.

I hope you enjoy my new set concept



That function is awesome. I also really like the over all design. This might be my favorite of your so far

I love the function. Well done!

Vorahk is the minotaur looking Rahkshi, right? Maybe instead of giving him the Pan/satyr legs, you could give him the Darth Maul robotic legs?

Hm I don’t know what to think about this se- wait, he actually built Onua’s hammer? IM SOLD, This set is AWESOME!!

I was thinking about that and the maul or grievous legs look really cool too, but I didn’t wanted him to be taller than the normal minifigures, because I wanted to give him kind of an opposite design to Onua who is really tall and bulky


Good job as allways, Sokoda. :+1:


Ohhhhhhh…dude. This is so cool. The skeletal, serpentine motif is pulled off beautifully, Vorahk is done really well here, and the way you found to do Onua (I love his hammer) has come out really well. This is brilliant.

Now, for a blurb:

The ever-hungry Vohrak as set his sights on another unsuspecting victim in the Tiroan swamps, but Toa Onua is ready to defend his fellow countryman! Beware the hungry maw of Vohrak’s Devourer, and watch out for the twin stud-shooters!

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I’m always so happy when I read your blurbs

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I’m always so happy when making 'em. By the way, the latest Brainstorm’s out, and I quote “Sokada is basically a legend now”.

Yeah just heard it I’m really happy they like what I build

It’s hard not to.

Looks awesome!

One of the things i like about Vorahks Devourer, is that with it’s design i can also imagine it working like a battering ram, which was a consept for Vorahk’s vehicle that i gave to Sokoda last year.

Just imagine this thing smashing throu the wall of a Mangaian outpost.

Yeah back then you suggested a kind of battering ram or tank vehicle, and my initial idea was a truck, so I combined them and added the more skeletal look

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very nice. I expect no less.

That Rahkshi logo on the wheels is a NICE touch. Cool seeing our first vehicle-vehicle that would be more technological and less primitive like a raft or such. Seems like a cool $30-$40 set. I’d buy it.

Thanks a lot, I tried to build a 30$ set, so I’m happy it comes across as beeing in this price range.

This is an awesome looking set. I really like how you incorporated the rahkshi-signature back spikes into the vehicle.

Eh, I’m not really a fan of this. Of course, it’s of equal quality to your other sets (and by that I mean it’s amazing and I could imagine it being a real LEGO set) but this is what I don’t really want to see out of a G3, as in a collection of themed vehicles that are basically just Ninjago with BIONICLE parts. Although this is good I much prefer your previous sets that had locations, rahi or villager vehicles rather than hero/villain vehicle battle sets. But anyway it’s still well made so well done.

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