G3 Set concepts: Tiro and Naho Battlepacks

Tiroan and Nahoan Battlepacks

Ok so I’ve got my stuff all setup after that move, I made these small packs, not meant to be major battle packs, only $10 sets, both are above 100 pieces but still small. These ones aren’t explicitly civil war but I suppose they’ll fit into the civil war.

##Naho Battle Pack

  • Piece count: 120 pieces
  • 4 Minifigures
  • 1 Rahi, 1 additional (boat)

So just something I want to clarify, I know the squid looks like a vehicle but it is a Rahi, those levers are just handles, it does indeed have a function, whenever you move it’s head thingy up (don’t know much about real life squid anatomy), 4 primary tentacles will crush anything in front of this creature. I think I’ll call this the Kutoruka, from the maori words beak and crush (Kuru and Toka). Then we have a small boat and 2 other warriors, a trident attacker and a spear fisher.

##Tiro Battle Pack

  • Piece count: 115
  • 4 minifigures
  • 1 Rahi

So I wanted to do some sort of tortoise Rahi, and this was the best small scale moc I could do, I may do some other versions and variants because I’m still shaky on this one as it is veeery wide. No functions here, just looks, although I added a little more specialization in the minis as one has battle fists or battle claws, a reference to G1 Onua. I was a little shaky on the colours for Tiro, as I understand it, they are Green and Black primaries with brown and green shades as secondaries but I may introduce a little purple in as a tertiary (think Jaller’s yellows for the Mangai colour scheme).

I’m calling this Rahi Nuparanga from the Maori words for shell and dirt (Anga and Paru) and the Nu- prefix for G1 Earth element stuff.

Comments and Criticism are as always, most welcome! :smiley:


You and me both mate.
I really like the Rahi, particularly the squid.

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Me too!
It is interesting, of course Naho needed Rahi mounts. The question now is what other Rahi can you use for Tiro?

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I think both of these sets are really cool!

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Thank you! As to other Rahi for Tiro and Naho, I’m working on some Rahi specific stuff given that of the G3 Set designers, I appear to be the Rahi guy.

I would dispute that, but yours are the more recognized.
Though you certainly have the most widely recognized.
I’m still not sure about the names…not because they’re bad or anything like that, but because I was under the impression that TTV only wanted to use pre-existing names (and the whole Maori controversy).

I’m using named based off Maori words, I believe the lego legal issue was from lego directly taking from the Maori language, I’m taking a few words and jumbling them and then perhaps adding an elemental prefix such as ta-, po- etc.

My Rahi are also generally original, so I’m making up names, if there are appropriate G1 counter parts, I’m happy to make changes.

All right then (dangit, I don’t know why, but I hate now that statement comes across; it feels very rude). I mean, trust me, I completely understand wanting to make names like that (I grouse about it enough myself after all). I guess I’m just a little loyal to respecting the wishes of my home country (heck, I’m very slightly Maori, not that it counts for much, seeing as the rest of me is bone-white, hah-hah.)

Now, to move onto more constructive discussions, I think that drawing inspiration from both Le-Koro and Onu-Koro/Metru applies for Tiro, so there could be stuff like Blade Burrowers (but heavily modified), and given its history in G1, possibly Kraawa as well. I also like the idea of a Swamp Strider-like Rahi and or vehicle, but that’s probably nostalgia creeping through. Maybe even Ussal (which I’ve, like the Mahi, prototyped in Oomatu’s thread). Naho I made Keras for, and they could probably use a whale and/or a ray Rahi (Takea and Tarakava I think would be too hostile to tame?)

In comparison, I’m largely adapting G1 Rahi, though I haven’t really found a theme to settle on because I keep sticking to close to G1 in terms of design, bar my adaptions of Oomatu’s designs.

(By the way, if I come off as preachy and/or insistent, tell me, and I do apologize.)

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I’m working on a type of large Bear-Mole Rahi, sort of like a massive Terak (I forget if that was the creature of earth or not), and I’m working with a green and purple colour scheme but I think I’ll scrap it, G and P doesn’t work so well together.

Yep, Terak was earth.
Hmm…does a primary purple with neon green highlights work?

Dunno. Ask Joker.

It’s more primary dark green and black with purple highlights, neon green looked disgusting in the combo, I’ve also added in bits of brown for fur.

Once again these are really cool. I like the function on the kutoruka. I also really really like the nuparanga

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What about an eva unit-01 kinda colour scheme?


I was looking at something like that but it doesn’t really work for this Rahi.