G3 synth runes

those runes are for G3 project and as for a best

HYPER light drifter styled LOL :smiley:
Right here


Neat! Love that Kakama and Akaku!

Looks great

You know... You can make some animations with G3, using this project...

yes... but how can I make a 3d mod of masks?

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Oh man, these are sick! Love the G1 style, but it gives me a nice G1 Matoran mixed with G2 Okotan feel. I love it.

matoran-okotan there okay.
as long if there on a blue shuddered part of planet trionui.
the 3 moons of megna, based on G1.
bara (tera)

also I made a new race of matoran for bota megna

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Mod? What do you mean?

the mod I have been thinking what you mention earlier that's why I have been working on a 3d red tube series.

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