G3: The founders of Mangai

I know G3 is kinda dead at this point, but I had this idea, so why not post it. The following is a pitch for the folk legend of how Mangai was founded.

Long ago there lived two matoron. One of earth and one of air. Both were great warriors, and bout sought out new lands to conquer. The warrior of earth was a mighty and beautiful young women. The warrior of air was a powerful and striking young man. Soon the two crossed paths. They met in a land that was filled with fire and rock. Both exclaimed at the same time that from then on the land belonged to them. When they heard each other’s shout, they lifted their heads and saw one another. Both wished to claim the land for themselves, so they fought over it. Some say that the two warriors battled for days, others say for weeks, and some even claim that they fought for years! But, during the battle, the two found love for one another, and realizing that one would never triumph over the other, they called for a truce, something which neither of them had ever done in their life. Then the pair fought together, killing many of the vile beasts in that land, ridding it of all evil. It is said though, that they never could track down the devious Fire-spitter, for it had stayed cowering in it’s cave, not willing to come out and fight. After they had made the land a safe place, they gave it a name, Mangai and had a son, who became the first Mangaian. What are the names of the two ancient warriors you ask, none other than the great Papu and Rangi!

Keep in mind that this is an ancient legend, so it may not make a ton of sense as most legends don’t. But, as always C&C is appreciated.


As far as ancient legends go, this is great!

The nod to Papu and Rangi is clever too I like it, it fits in the canon and the pre-established prequel lore.



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While reading it I thougt it would be so cool if the two were Papu and Rangi, when I saw this part[quote=“TheMOCingbird, post:1, topic:44176”]
What are the names of the two ancient warriors you ask, none other than the great Papu and Rangi!

I was so happy!

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nice but I already tried to make a hybrid matoran pitch and @Kardax nearly bit my head off


Don’t get me wrong, I still disagree with hybrids and air and earth do not exactly equal fire. I think the origins of Mangaians needs to change but the concept of Papu and Rangi making Mangai a safe land.

@TheMOCingbird what if the firespitters were such a problem that the Mangaians had to cower in caves below the surface and when Papu and Rangi cleared them away, the Mangaians emerged from their caves and all appeared before Papu and Rangi?

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That could work. The reason why I made Papu and Rangi the elements they were was because in Polynesian mythos they are a goddess of earth and a god of air.

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