G3 Toa Minifigure Concept Styles - Tahu, Onua [Concept]

A piece of concept art showing my envisioning of how the Toa Minifigures would look. Now, I’m aware these are nowhere near as good as @Oomatu’s, so just bear with me. And yes, these are heavily inspired by @Ragdoll’s design. Gah.

My envisioning kind of blends the mechanical aspect and tribal aspect pretty evenly, and I’m proud of the finished product. I only used Tahu and Onua, because Tahu is the most recognizable, so I thought I’d use him for the main figure, and Onua is the only one that would deviate the most from the set formula. If demand calls for it, I will definitely draw the others, but for now, enjoy!

UPDATE: A request was made by @Scorpion_Strike for Onua to have greenish colors replace the purple, so here is that request:


Oomatu approved
Honestly, these are pretty good. A good technical look with solid ideas. I like the idea of the chest having a “slot” for the nova symbol.


Thanks! It was heavily Nexo Knights inspired.

I’d replace the purple in Onua’s color scheme with some earthy shade of green to reflect his element better, but other than that these look quite good.

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I will take that into consideration.

Onua looks too happy with that face.

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Meh, I was just going for a face expression; I agree, Onua shouldn’t look so dopey.

onua’s face looks odd