Gaaki/Guurahk Backstory [Pitch]

“Ah, yeah! The Wafflemeister’s back!”
That really is the best intro I want to take the time to make, so I’m just going to jump straight into my pitch (title tells you everything):

Gaaki was born to an abusive mother and an ignorant father. The youngest of five, she was the only girl in the family. Her mother physically abused Gaaki’s brothers, and whenever she tried to stop the abusing, the mother would turn around and beat her too. Being taught by her mother that empathy was a weakness and brought down one’s power, Gaaki grew up twisted and cruel. Whenever Gaaki needed something, her mother forced her to get it herself. As Gaaki grew, her emotions and feelings slowly eroded away, until she became a hollow shell of darkness and had a unfading lust for power. She represented a darker side of the Nahoan Lord, Akida. Just as the ocean is harsh, untamable, and unforgiving, so was Gaaki. A follower of the Brotherhood noticed Gaaki’s traits and desires, and promised her that Makuta would give her whatever she wanted if she followed him. Gaaki half-heartedly joined the brotherhood, and learned about Makuta and his visions. Desiring the power promised to her if she aided Makuta, she hastily agreed. She never believed in Makuta’s cause, but only in her own. After the mutation, Gaaki watched as she became the hideous Guurahk, her once normal body eroding away and becoming the monster she was inside. Guurahk has no care for her new form, seeing it as simply a temporary state of being until Makuta inevitably came to power.

Yup, this definitely needs some fine-tuning, so please do not think that this is final. If there are any ideas you guys like, please let me know! Feedback, as always, is great!


I’m loving the bit about Gaaki representing the darker side of the element of Water. Reading the details on Norik and Iruni, and looking back at my Pouks pitch, I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but it’s an intersting angle to have all of the Rahkshi reflect the darker sides of their original elements before they gained their Rahkshi powers.


Norik reflects the will of the element of Fire in that he had a will and desire to achieve greatness, but he gave into his own security and saw himself like a candle in the breeze and tried to keep his flame going by any means necessary

Iruni wanted to rise above his lot in life and his greed weighed him down, causing him to fall down to the depths

Pouks tried to endure at first and rebuild his life, only for his efforts to come crashing down time and time again, and decided that he had to let go of a perceived illusion of control.

One thing I’ve just realized though, I mentioned in my pitch that Pouks mutated as a final initiation into the Brotherhood, but later someone pointed out that those were the result of the Mask of Time (at least their monster forms were).

The way I’m seeing it now, maybe there were two mutations, the first being a ritual that allowed the Rahkshi to shed their elemental powers in favor of Fear, Poison, Fragmenting, Illusion, Anger, and Hunger. The second was caused by the blowback from the Mask of Time that basically devolved them into half Matoran, half Rahi creatures.

I do think the idea of Gaaki being indifferent to her new form is interesting, given how Pouks actually likes his and I suppose some Rahkshi are actually in the camp of hating their mutations. My guess is Iruni or possibly Kualus.

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Jeepers, that’s dark. I assume that this uses the Corruption power for Guurahk, though I personally still prefer disintegration.

Whatever power, I do like the concept of dissolving bonds, maybe that could be interesting to add in as well.

Ohhhhhhhhhh that’s soooo dark, I like it but this is Lego and I’m not sure how dark we can really go? Don’t get me wrong this is fantastic and some great character building but it’s also just so dark.

And yeah nice intro, I just got a “He’s been really busy” From @IllustriousVar.


Thanks for the comment!

The powers of Guurahk have already been decided as Erosion, which I’ve tried to hide in the pitch multiple times.

G1 was very, very dark in its storytelling, though you kind of had to dig below the surface to find it. I can’t imagine we’d get all of the Rahkshi backstories in the show, mainly just quick little blurbs from character bios on or something.

Thanks for all of the comments!

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