Gabi, the Ga-Matoran

Name: Gabi
Personality: Gabi talks. A lot. She almost never stops talking, much to the annoyance of everyone around her. Besides that, she’s very energetic and excited, but is cautious when it come to fighting.
Race: Ga-Matoran
Kanohi: Kanohi Kakama, mask of speed.
Weapons: Just a sword
Bio: Gabi is on of the people Wolf (now renamed Talupus) met once he left the BoM. I’ll update this bio once I finish Talupus’ updated bio.

Onto the build!

This is a simple build, as you would imagine. It only took about an hour of build time. I’ve had it built for a while, but I just now got the Kakama.

The personality of Gabi is based off my younger sister, who has given her stamp of approval on Gabi.

Lastly, here’s some size comparisons.

Here’s Gabi with Talupus. You can see I made some adjustments to the legs.

Well, that’s it. Next I’ll be posting Rutter, the Keeper of Jungle.

-Wolf Pack


I like the g1 feel it has

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cute indeed

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Looks like a great voyatoran.

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Thanks everyone!


This is amazing! It looks like an actual matoran build that could have been sold in 2004 or 2007. Absolutely amazing. I love it.

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Thank you!

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Looks really good, but the could be more blue

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odd proportions, but it has a certain charm to it.

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Overall, pretty good, though if like to see some more blue.

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I’ll work on that.

I think it is a bit too boxy

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