Gahlok sketch

A rough sketch to come back to the boards with.

…How does one pose a Bohrok in a way it doesn’t look silly?


In a ball! No wait, that still looks silly.

Looks awesome! Nice adaptation!

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I really like this. While it is stylised you still managed to keep the gahlok look. If I showed this to my friend and then showed him gahlok in set form I think he would recognize it easily. Only thing I think you could improve on is to make the bohrok “pop” a bit more by darkening some spots and giving it more of a defined sillhouette but otherwise it is great!


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Really cool art style!

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As I’ve stated many, many times before, I am a huge sucker for all things Bohrok.

This looks absolutely amazing. The head design in particular is fantastic. The only real issue I have here is that the legs seem a little thick, but that’s a minor issue.

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Looks good to me

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That’s the thickest Gahlok I’ve ever seen :stuck_out_tongue:

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Posing Bohrok isn’t easy, I’ll give you that. This pose always worked best for me, though (since it’s the only one that doesn’t look longer than it is tall):

This is just a great drawing of a bohrok.

Imo you should embrace the silly design of the bohrok though my ideal pose in my head is probably of it in ball form or transforming out of ball form.