Galactic Wars: The Crew of the S.S. Striker

Th captain: Talon

The pilot: Snip

Weapons expert: Blast

The rookie: Rouge


Talon: Seems to be pretty cool. Of course, not to complex, but solid. I like it.
Snip: Need more armor, and a head piece, but he is OK.
Blast: Pretty cool, pretty consistent, but why in the word you use that upper legs? And why is an arm longer than the other?
Rogue: Like Talon, it seems to be pretty cool.
They are much better than your Dark Hunters. The only thing I dislike is that two of them have foot heads. The foot piece can be used as a head, But I don’t like the open ball joints.

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Blast’s arms are the safe length

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Let’s appreciate this guys.

1st one is simple but decent
2nd one you tried making I look lanky but the upper arms are ccbs so maybe use G1 bonkles
3rd Porbably your best toa sized build so far
4th is like the first



talon is my favorite

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