Galbator, Toa of Cybernetics (BIONICLE MOC)


But the shoulders look to close together and awkward


I know, but that’s due to the way I posed him. His shoulders are tilted up and back.

Interesting, yet I see no cypernetic stuff on him

The cybernetic stuff is all the gears and molded in pistons😔

Gears and steam-based pistons are more of steam-punk stuff mate, just saying (There is no Gear in PC m8)

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I know, but don’t you realize that it’s supposed to be a cyborg?

Then… then it starts to make abit of sense (also you said nothing about him beeing cyborg, unless you call all biomechanical robots in Bionicle universe Cyborgs) .-.

You are right. I never said anything about him being a cyborg. Sorry about that. And (don’t have a clue what was originally written here, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t English) Bionicle technically are robots, they are represented as living, breathing characters.

Do you mean Breathing or Breading?

Sorry, autotyping messed it up. I meant breathing

Ok. So are you trying to say Bionicles are or are not cyborgs? Because correct me if I’m wrong I’m pretty sure a cyborg is a living being that consists of both organic and technological components…

Woah those shoulders are wayyyyy too close together O_O


@StudentScissorsLeaker I would say that…they are not cyborgs. My theroy is that Mata Nui used his power on machines giving them a mission and free will. Even though they can talk, they never showed any signs of being biological. And the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a mouth is a gap with a speaker inside.

@Ekorak I’ll say it again, it’s just the pose.

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Unless those shoulders are double jointed it’s not just the posing.

If it really is the pose, please show us a picture of the shoulders not being awkwardly close together (:P)

Except Mata nui didn’t make the Bionicles the Great Beings did…
Also it’s been confirmed by Greg that they have internal organ such as lungs and hearts and muscles
Mucles and Organs= Biological material.

Also something doesn’t need a mouth to be made with Biological.

I have a feeling you may not have read the 2009+ story…

I don’t really have any problem with the shoulders. But the torso has very odd proportions.

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his creation, his head canon. It’s whatever he thinks…

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You are 100% correct. I have not read the 2009+ story, however Mata Nui is the Great Spirit.

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Except that he said he had a theory for the official Bionicle cannon…

There’s a big difference between the great spirit and the great beings…