Gali 2015 and Lewa 2016 Revamps!

So, yesterday I got these two. They were ok, but needed moding. So, I crafted these up. Anyway, enjoy!
We will start off with Lewa

I pretty much kept everything the same, but changed the arms and legs.

Needless to say, im really proud of how he turned out. He’s a little bit on the short side, but im fine with that.

@Nyran Shot

And him with his golden mask on. I prefer him wearing his regular mask.

And lastly, him without armor. (so you can see what i changed)

Next up, we got Gali! (Who i am also very proud of)

Oh yeah, she can become a mermaid. One of the reasons i like her so much.

Shot of her without armor.

@Nyran Shot
And finally, a picture of them next to eachother

Also, credit for Gali’s torso design goes to @Altair.
C&C welcome and appreciated.
Lewa’s Video:
Gali’s Video:


I like the way Lewa came out, his arms- though the shoulder pads do sit a tad high- look a lot better.


Oh so someone used my torso design! That’s so awesome!

I really like both of them, though Gali seems a bit too bulky in some areas (mostly the upper legs). I also like how you made Lewa’s arms a little longer, the set really benefits from it.
Overall, very nice work!

@Stoax I tried to make them as low as possible, in the end thats all i could do. But thanks!

@Altair Yeah, originally it was a skull warrior revamp, but i used it as a torso for gali. As for the upper legs, its suppose to give the apperance of hips.

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I like lewa all except his upper legs and knee connection, he already has enough silver so the legs don’t need more.

And I’m kinda meh on gali, it really looks like a slight modification of her 2015 form.

Not bad! Lewa looks pretty good, my only complaints the knee connection, which looks awkward when bent, and the red axles on his hands which stick out way too much. Gali looks pretty good too, but I think her arms and shoulders are a little too bulky for her! But all in all, they are pretty good!

These look good but Gali is kina bulky and lewa look pretty good too