Gali, Knight Of The Tides - MOC

yeah ok you get it at this point.
Name: Gali
Titles: Knight Of The Tides
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
Element: Water
Personality: ...
Equipment: The most blindingly orange boots in history
Weapons: Water Trident Thing.
Mask: Kanohi Kaukau

I am dissapointed by this.

and here is a teaser for the next one.


Yeah It could use a better torso, and the color balance isn't very hood (I.E theres only orange in the legs, theres only trans dark blue in the lower half and theres only dark azure in the upper half)

Not really sure how you can balance all four of those colors though.

Sorry if this doesn't help.


Yeah, the orange is not evenly distributed, even if it just is a pair of boots. Also, that was a lovely story. I am now inspired.

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Although the torso is a little odd, it's not a bad design. You could definitely improve it by making the limbs longer and adding a few more orange accents around the MOC.

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Could use more orange

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A little stubby imo, but i like the concept.

All the stubs