Gali vs. Tarakava [BRICKONICLE Contest Entry]

This is my first entry to the BRICKONICLE MOC contest.

Set Name: Gali vs. Tarakava

Piece Count: 116

Price: $12.99

Set Description:

"Recreate two iconic scenes from the Mata Nui Online Game with “Gali vs. Tarakava.” Switch from activating the pump to save trapped Ga-Matoran, to an intense battle between Toa and Rahi."

As the commercial description stated, this set is supposed to represent two very iconic scenes from MNOG where Takua repairs the Ga-Koro pump (which is included in the set), to Gali fighting a Tarakava. Transforming the playset is as simple as removing the pump from the lilypad (also included in the set).

The removal of the pump is made easy due to a (sturdy) one stud connection.

Closeup of the brick-built Tarakava:

The minifigures included in this set are of course, Gali as well as Takua. Below are side-by-side comparisons of the real minifigures used in the physical version, to Photoshop mock-ups of what the minifigure would look like if it were an actual set:

As this is still a MOC, any or all critique or criticism is welcome.


This looks really good!
I like that Tarakava.


What could be possibly be better than an awesome 2001-era MOC?

A well-photoshopped 2001-era MOC is as good as it gets. Man, I would pay one hundred dollars for this set if it were real and made sixteen years ago. The MOC is fantastic, especially the upper body of the Tarakava, but the real star here is the box art and the “idealized” minifigs. Honestly, my one lonely critique would be that the lilypad could have been significantly more detailed, on the assumption that you weren’t trying to emulate a more basic, old-fashioned style.


The tarakava build is really nice. Would have been cool to have the small build actually use gears, it could add a cool play feature to the set.

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A very well made MOC. The design of the mini Tarakava is great as is the pump.

That Tarakava looks amazing! It would be coo if some sort of punching function could be built into it. However, I don’t see how that would be possible. Great job on the box art btw!

Looks great, especially the tarakava!

I personally, however, don’t think the regular minifig-style toa/matoran look that great. Not bionicle-y and robotic enough.

Love this, with some tweaks to the minifig builds, i would 10/10 buy this set (I can totally understand your limitations btw)

Really neat set!
It’s got everything one would need - landscape, animal, and conflict in a box!

It’s really cute and affordable - Great job!

The build for the Tarakava is great, man. ^.^

I think such small playsets would work well for Bionicle as a system line.

Looks great!

Love the Tarakava and the pump! Really accurate! My only complaint is that it feels a little bare, like maybe add in a few huts and a bridge, and maybe Turaga Nokama as well.

I love the nostalgia captured with this MOC. Especially with that box art. I wish there was more of a play feature, though.

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I like this one for its faithful yet simplistic representation, and with minifigs actually produced by LEGO, I believe that this would look quite good.

I like the moc! I’m also working on something like this for the contest, and I hope people don’t think I took your idea lol.


I’ve never been a fan of the Bionicle playsets but I like this one a lot. The lily pad could be a little bit flatter but the Tarakava and the pump are spot on. However, I prefer it when Bionicle minifigures are made out of custom molds - I think it’s what separates them from human characters.
And now I want to try my hand at drawing 2001 Matoran minifigs if you don’t mind.

Ohhhh, this is my favorite entry so far. That pump is so simply built, yet so well done. If Bionicle were to become a system theme and this was a set with the “ideal” minifigures, I would most certainly buy it.

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This looks really nice.
The Helmets on Takua and Gali are a bit jarring, but it makes sense that you used them.

Ah, this brings back good memories.

Good design, BTW. I like the “Official Set” aspect you’re aiming for.

The nostalgia is strong with this one…
I love the design of that tarakava! A very well made set although I would personally prefer robot figs instead of regular minifigs.