Gali Warrior of water (1.1)

just a little revamp of Gali UoW, which now has the tittle of "Warrior" using the trans-yellow eyestalk I just got to give her a more G1 look


Far better than what Lego gave us. Looks pretty good!


Very nice. Just out of curiosity, how much of this is LEGO?

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Uhh... About 5%-10%?
The technic pieces on the back (round beam) the system pieces on the back of the leg and one of the unity pieces

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Which bootleg did you get that yellow eyestalk from?

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Gali UoW from this seller

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Not sure how I feel about the buzzsaw shield, but everything else is fantastic.

I didnt know what else I could give her, wanted to make her look like a gladiator or something like that
@Stoax does it look better now?

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It's perfect.