Gali Weapon Revamp

So I finally got around to buying Gali today, and I decided to make her weapon into something more manageable than a massive axe. This was just a quick fun thing using only pieces from the set. It turned out ok I guess. Easier to pose than the original.

Able to be more easily posed... kinda.

Example of her weapon's "amazing" mask launching function. Eat your heart out LEGO!


Simple yet effective...

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I love it mate

I really like it.

Why thank you both. I'm glad you liked it.

This is actually pretty nice!

You get a 12 outta ten! :smile:

Love that shield.

Spear is meh.

As a whole, she looks more armed and battle-ready. A well equipped and versatile warrior instead of a gal with a comically large battle axe.

I really like the shield. The spear looks cool, but it's too bad you had to use the actual set's parts. It would look even cooler if it had bigger blades (or maybe a couple of those Elemental Flame pieces).

Still, they look pretty great, considering that you were confined to revamping the actual weapons! Nice work!

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It's cool, but I prefer the ridiculous axe.

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Thank you all, I'm very glad you enjoyed it. I completely agree that her spear isn't the best, but it was as good as I could figure out with those parts. I didn't end up posting it, but one of the other designs was a comical pickaxe. That being said, I am very glad you enjoyed the shield. I was kind of unsure of it myself.

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