Galiga the Cyasasin

Galiga was once a normal villager until she was kidnapped, brainwashed, and trained to killed. She now has no memory of her life before she was taken. She is even more deadly with her enhanced cybernetics and only answer to the Dark Traitor. She is a formidable opponent against a Elemitrix

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The eye piece is interesting.

In what way, good or bad?

Oh, it’s good. I wish it could fold away better though.

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the eye piece is a clever way of utilising the skull spider’s c-joint bars, but the rest of the moc kinda falls flat. maybe try bulking up the back of the torso?


I have been seeing those sword parts (the ones on the back, the black and silver ones) on so many mocs, and I was wondering, what set do those come from?

The buildable figure Bat-Man.

The Stormer XL and Breez 4.0 sets from Hero Factory: Breakout also contain said piece, just in silver/translucent blue and red/silver, respectively.

True but if you want it in those molded colors then you get Bat Man.