"Do you hear that? The beast sense the incoming apocalypse, as do I…" -Kovasil

Abyssalgeddon 2

Galithgeddon (often referred to Abyssalgeddon) is treated as a tyrant in a massive cavern, despite it lack of some features compared to other -geddon variant, it was told to be the ancestor of all the -geddon species from an old archive hidden in the cavern.

The core of Galithgeddon body is not a weak spot, but a fragment that Ǹ̀͜u̶͝k̷̡̕e͟͝͠ģ͠a͢͞͏r͘͏à used to gain immortal power.

Abyssalgeddon 13

Abyssalgeddon 11 Abyssalgeddon 12

Abyssalgeddon 10

Abyssalgeddon 14

Abyssalgeddon 15

Abyssalgeddon 17

360 spin:


The Onua chest Plate legs are really weird, but otherwise I like it.


This looks amazing, though the thighs don’t really blend well with the lower leg imo

Is this an LDD render? It looks incredible.

It’d be awesome to see this made in real life, really excellent job.

Nice MoC overall and thats a really cool hand design might have to borrow it

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Looks great! The only issue is the onua chestplate thighs look out of place

Great job!

Beautiful as always