[GAME] BioTrivia!

Hello, Forumatoran! (Stupid Name, I know.)
I've always wanted to make a Trivia Game here, so here it is.
Here's how you play, I, the game master, ask a certain trivia question, and the first person to answer the question gets points!

First to Answer Question Correctly - 3 Points

Do NOT answer the question if a person has already answered correctly before you.
Do NOT ask to be a game master. I will elect certain people who can ask questions later.
Try not to Google Search, it ruins the fun.

There you go!

GameMasters so far:
Me (Takua)

First Question: How many Toa of Ice were on Lhikan's Toa Team, the Toa Mangai?

I shall also list how many points each forumatoran has:

Willess12 - 6
Magmus - 3
ToaOrrel - 3
Shaymin36 - 3

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First question: 4. This is referenced in Bionicle Legends 4: Legacy of Evil. "It took 4 Toa of Ice to take [the Kanohi Dragon] down.


Next Question: Who was the defective Toa on the Toa Mangai?

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Which one? There were two.

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T'was a Toa of Water

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Tuyet, Toa of Water, with a Mask of Intangibility.
The other was Nidhiki.
Also, calling them 'defective' seems kinda odd. Technically, since Toa were never meant to have personality, all Toa are technically defective.


What I meant was, they defected. Meaning they grew distant, or in some instances became evil.

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Next question.

Okay! Third Question.
What does the word "Hagah" mean in matoran?


EDIT: Correct?

Edited for Double Post -Nyran




This is still happening, right? Because I want in.

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Yes of course!
Next Question: Who was the leader of the Toa Team that first retrieved the Ignika during the Matoran Civil War?


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Good job!
Next Question: Who were planned to be the Toa Hagah Limited Edition sets?

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Nidhiki and Dume
C'mon, that all you got?


Don't push me Matoro, or I'll sick the Time Traveling Muaka on you.

Next Question: What was the name of hyper-industrialized island primarily responsible for weapons manufacturing; home to the profiteering Vortixx race, who act as arms dealers for the entire universe?

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Question for you:
What Matoran owned Pewku on Metru Nui?

@Matoro Orkham

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