[Game] Combine Stuff Above You!

A pretty bad stop motion and a tried Runa.

Batman + Iron Man + The Batcave =


"What's the password to the batcave?"
"Iron Man sucks"

Justice Leauge + Injustice 2 +Teen Titains Go=

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Proof that DC needs to stick to the Animated Universe, and a pretty sick video game.

Nickel back + A dragon + A loofah

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A flying singing sponge that breaths fire

A lamp + pants + a pen = ?

fancy pants next to a lamp

Madness Combat + Bionicle

War of Bionicle in HD.

Goku + Godzilla =

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It’s over 9000 feet tall!

A tour bus+ a small lollipop.

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Candy crush tour

Chuck Norris + dinosaurs + purple = ?

Garmadon + Makuta = ?

Something too beautiful for this world

A monkey + a turtle + a stop watch = ?

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No not at all

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A fuzor that can tell time.

DBZ + A group of really talented fans + YouTube = ?

“Vegeta! Hey, hey Vegeta!”

Fandoms+other fandoms+the internet+differing opinions=?

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"I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say."

Figurative hell.

Tragedy + time = ?

Hamlet but they travel through time

Rehab + Dank memes

Rehab for Robbie Rotten. He's still dank, right?


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The Decepticon ninja consultant.

A sharkticon + William Shakespeare = ?

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Dinobot, but a shark.

Beloved 80's franchise + desperately trying to continue it + really bad rapping + the 90's

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A Decepticon bomber who's a Transformer-rama, and a three-in-one villain that's chillin'!

Primus is dead

Gold plastic + Transformers toys =?

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A fate worse than death.

Dinosaur + honor + Shakespeare

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