GAME: Crushing Hopes and Dreams

Granted, but you break instead.

I wish for more chocolate

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Granted, but it breaks you.

I wish the ball was over.

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Granted, but the Bigweld Gala starts immediately afterwards.

I wish for the number 7.

Granted, but that’s the number of things you’re charged with for entering Bigweld Ball illegally.

I wish for you to meet Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooey.

I’m sorry, the Genie you are attempting to reach has been disconnected or is no longer in service.

I wish for something stupid to happen.

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granted but you already exist


I wish I had a better sense of humor

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Granted, but it’s an unoriginal sense of humour

I wish i was cool like everyone else here

granted but you suddenly realize you were cooler before you were anything similar to anyone on the ttv message boards

i wish to eat


Granted, but you eat dachshunds

I wish I could come up with a name for this character

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Granted, but it sounds dumb.

I wish for more useful lego pieces.

Granted, but you lose ability to make new mocs.

I wish I had writing motivation.

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Granted, but you’re only motivated to write Ghid biographies.

I wish this topic was 1,991 posts shorter.

Granted, but it’s also 3,982 posts longer

I wanna go home

Granted, but then you get an eviction notice.

I wish that my flowers wouldn’t die.

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Granted, but then they start talking and begging for allowance and to go out partying with their other flower friends

I wish to wish’nt


Granted, but that creates a paradox that jeopardizes the space time continuum, the entire universe is threatened by your hubris.

I wish for a Sandwich.

Granted, but since it is made of actual sand it falls apart in your hands.

I wish to get all my homework done really quickly.

Granted; it’s done, just not done well.

I wish not to forget to water Dargneer


Granted, but now it’s doing a musical number about wanting to eat people and you’re sitting outside Harrison Ford’s dentistry office with a glock and oh no what are you doing

I wish people didn’t get the implication that I watched that film just because I was present during that one scene partially playing while trying to ignore it


Granted but people now think you were in that film, no matter how many times you show them a complete list of the cast and crew

I wish I could come up with a good wish