GAME: Crushing Hopes and Dreams

Granted, but you spend it all on a huge party in Vegas. You wake up 2 days later broke and kidney-less. You then resolve to leave what happened in Vegas, in Vegas.

I wish I had started working on this logo 3 weeks ago


Granted, but you procrastinate and hardly get any work done.

I wish it was summer.

Granted but every winter solstice you teleport to a random location in the opposite hemisphere so that you are always experiencing summer.

I wish I could figure out a way to make this gear function work seamlessly

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Granted, but now it has so much friction that it’s impossible to operate.

I wish I had a map of @Ghid 's multi-level basement complex.

Granted, but you are unable to comprehend it.

I wish that I didn’t have to do so much research for a school assignment I’m working on.

Granted, but now the teacher has extended school so that there is no end in sight.

I wish I could purchase more money…


Granted, but’s counterfeit money.

I wish to be able to instantly finish all my homework.

Granted, but you get a D-.
I wish I was home.

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granted, but so am I.

I wish all the boards members could be indoctrinated into the teachings of NiLP.

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Granted, but then you suffer a terrible loss of faith.

I wish i could go to the Bigweld Ball.

Granted, but you are arrested as soon as you enter.

I wish for more time to do things.

Granted, but Bigweld Ball is on TV all day, and you are constantly distracted.

I wish I had Hahli Mahri.

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Granted, but all the lime joints instantly shatter as soon as it arrives.

I wish that it was summer vacation already.

Granted but there are only 3 days of summer vacation as opposed to 104 days of summer vacation, to which school comes a long to end, thus leaving the annual problem for our generation of finding a good way to spend it.

I wish I had more plant pieces for bio-cup


Granted, but they are made of an inferior bio-friendly plastic that is warped and discolored.

I wish that I could meet @Cordax in real life.

Granted, but you regret your decision

I wish that i could get out of prison because i illegally attended the Bigweld ball

Granted, but then you see that Bigweld is the name of every event in the world.

I wish I was there.

Granted, but you’re at the Bigweld Concert with me.
And nobody wants that.

I wish the Bigweld concert was more entertaining

Granted, but it’s because you get robbed.

I wish for chocolate

Granted, but it was stolen by you from @Heyzorks , who grabs you by the neck and slams you into the wall.

I wish I hadn’t broken into the ball.

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