Game: how to win Life

Step 1301: Repeat step 1300

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Step 1302: leave @Ghidora131's mafia

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Strip 1303 Ignore step 1302 and replace it.

Step 1304: Decide you have no clue what is going on, and decide to find meaning and purpose in the TTV message boards.

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Step 1305: Struggle to overcome an extreme existential crisis and pray for the day in which it will finally end.

Step 1306 Become master.

Step 1307: Prepare for the End of the World.

Step 1308: realize that step 1306 is way more effort than it's worth.

Step 1309: Make everything BOLD

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Step 1309-2: Do it anyway because it's a great show of commitment and character.

Edit: Step 1310: Get kapura'd.

Step 1311: Get Kapura'd

Step 1312: Get Kapura'd again in admitting your own kapura'd-ness.

Step 1313: Decide to stop using bold

Step 1314: Decide that is absolute HERESY

Step: Forget using numbers!

Step 1316: Remember that doing so is breaking the rules of the topic.

Step: Point out that there aren't rules.

Step 1318: Add them to the rules.

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Step: Remove them from the rules once more

Step 1320: Stop trying to break the rules.