Game: how to win Life

Step 1381: Sit in a corner and cry for a few hours.

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Step 1382. Successfully revive the topic.

@YEE learn how to count.




Step 1383: Get back on topic

Step 1384: become shamed by society as a necromancer due to the effects of step 1382.


Step 1385: Make a TTV account

Step 1386: Realize that you lost your life, playing with plastic toys.

Step 1387: Spend all your money on expensive silverware

Step 1387: Melt all the silverware down and make a statue of yourself.

Step 1388: Melt the statue down and make an epic statue of Ghidora instead.

Step 1389: Make a shrine around your new statue.

Step 1390: Melt the Ghidorah statue down in order to create a statue of Gamera

Step 1391: Ditched the statue of Gamera for a ever epic statue of Godzilla in a thrown.

Step 1392: Take that piece of trash and dump it into the garbage, then get yourself a moldy recliner and use that as a throne.

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Step 1393: Make a makeshift throne out of ALL THE WEAPONS.

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Step 1394: Be sure to include cushions into the seat and back, because a throne made out of weapons would be very uncomfortable.

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Step 1395: Be sure to be the richest in your school.

Step 1396: Make your peers do your bidding for money.

Step 1397: Be sure that your family will make a parade to honor you after you die, even if you wasn't an important person.