Game: how to win Life

1421: Round up everyone who legitimately enjoyed the Emoji Movie, and feed them to the Sharkticons as well.


1421: realize the board has been infiltrated by quintessons

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Step 1422: Vote for Jake Paul as Youtuber of the year.

Step 1423: dunk your face into this mysterious soup.


Step 1424: Undergo a transformation into a Pirate-Ninja.

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Step 1425: Realize that you have to read every step again because you forgot step 2346

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Step 1426: Think about your existence.

Step 1427: Ignore the previous step, if someone I know has taught me anything, never think about your existence.

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Step 1428: Go see a girl and she will turn you into a Muppet frog because she is a witch.

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Step 1429: Do a Kermiet Thee Frohg impression for the rest of your life.

Step 1430: Regoice! As Infinity Train has finally been greenlit, and will premiere next year!


Step 1432: fix the post count again, and realize people suck at counting.

Step 1433: Play in a rp.

Step 1434: Be excited for all the amazing movies and cartoons coming out next year. Things like How To Train Your Dragon 3, Godzilla King Of Monsters, and Infinity Train. All coming out in 2019.

Step 1435: Be excited because Infinity War is coming in less than three mounts.

1436: Watch as everyone hates Infinity War because there is no why it can live up to the hype, which is the sad truth about hype culture.

Wait, what?

Hype tends to make people get really excited for something, only to be let down by their unreasonably high expectations.
People are most likely going to say "It sucks because it didn't turn out to be the best movie I've ever seen"

Basically people can't be pleased by anything and there's pretty much no way it can live up to the high expectations people have set up, not matter how good it might be.

I'm just being kind of pessimistic honestly, i do still think it'll be an awesome movie.

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This thing is applied at every movie, from Star Wars to DC to Titanic to Godzila... But they still became good. There is not and there won't be a perfect movie.

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Step 1437: Don't have off-topic conversations that mess up the post count.

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