Game: how to win Life

Step 1442: fix the step count

I think you broke it
Step 1442: Fix it again

NEW Step 1: Reboot the hold thing, again.

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NEW Step 2: Never forget Shrek Five, or else you will be sent to the Gulag.

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NEW Step 3: Wonder if this whole reboot thing is allowed.

New step 4: be obscenely exited for Isle of Lost Dogs.

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NEW Step 5: Remind the people who don't know that you can do bold letters with two *s on the side of the word.
* * NEW * * Except without the spaces.

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new STEP 6: Ignore step 5 entirely in order to focus more on the important things in life, like Oreos.

Step 7: Realize you don't really need to say new every time.

Step 1443: ignore the reset


Step 1444: Fall in a hole and say "This is nice"

NEW Step 1445: combine the two and realise we probably should go with the reset.

Step 1453: fix the step count AGAIN!

Step 1454: Don't go with the reset because of the very specific post count to step count rule.

Step 1455: Refer to step 1454.

Step 1456: refer to step 1455.

Step 1457: Break the chain.

Step 1458: watch cooking with hero factory.

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Step 1458: Switch to JTO and stop wasting your life on heresy

Step 1460: Fix the step count again.