Game: how to win Life

Step 1461: Wear Majora's mask.

Back to New Step 8: Never ignore the reboot, and made the old steps broking ever worsted.

Step 1463: Follow the rules.

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Step 1464: Get some sharks and some fires to scare used enemies.

Step 1465: Sent this mata nui forsaken world into a glorious blaze of fire.

Step 1466: Used some magic and gender and race swapped them.

NEW Step 8: Stop changing it back you scum.

Step 1468: Stop breaking the rules.

Step 1469: Be confused.

NEW Step 9: Persist.

Step 1471: Call the mods

Step 1472: Answer the call.


NEW Step 10: Fight the system.

Step 1474: Realize that if you do this you might get banned.

Step 11: Realize that the very mod that came supported the new steps.
Step 12: Ask why are you counting my steps as actual steps.

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Step 1476: Explain that the reason why the steps are counted this way is so that the post count aligns with the step number.

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Step 1476: Stop this petty squabbling my children.

Step 13: Explain in detail why reboots always are a success.
Step 14: Never be called 'my children', especially by someone who has a Nintendo Icon.

Step 1477: Tell @ThatGuyAtTheEndOfTheRoad that the new steps are over.

Step 1480: Watch Transformers Animated, Because it's amazing.

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