Game: how to win Life

Step 1501: get shot by the new world order

Step 1502: Survive and go into hiding.

Step 1503: Stay away from the Empire, for you are a jedi.

Step 1504: Try to start a rebellion.

Step 1505: relise the empire is made up of jedi

Step 1506: You are actually a member of The Federation and Captain of USS Enterprise to stop the Empire and it’s evil Sith Lord Leaders, too.

Step 1507: Start a D&D game.

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Step 1508: hate Ghid for reviving this topic

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Step 1509a: don’t do any contradictory steps.

Step 1509b: don’t hate Ghid, it is contradictory to do so.

Realize step 1508 was probably written immediately following the d&d game in step 1507.

Step 1511: Disregard step 1509 and take off aviator sunglasses

Step 1512: disregard all future or past steps that contradict or have contradicted at some point.

Step 1513: Ignore step 1512 and do step 13

Step 1514: End it!

Step 1515: Ignore false cries to end the game and instead reenact step 1. It’s getting cold out.

(woah, this is a real blast from the past.

Also, man my humor has matured.)

Step 1516: The TTV Boards Nostalgia Topic.

Step 1617: have no nostalgia

Step 1518: Go back about 100 steps from the last step because typos are the best

Coincidentally the 1417th step is about not doing that

Step 1519: realize that potatoes are plotting world domination, and must be kept out of ones home at all costs.

Step 1520: make sure that you also wear underware under the pants mentioned in step 1.