Game: Illumakuta Roleplay Fanfic

All credit goes to @SammySpartan for this Idea.

Illumakuta members! Mobilize! Our time for world conquest is here!
All units divide and conquer!

Rules are the same as other topics similar to this:
1) No Double Posting
2) Posts containing "And then he died", "The End", or some sort of ending will be ignored.
3) Risebell is leader, secretly controlled by Puppetmaster.
4) This is some serious business, looking at you @LelouchViBritannia, All posts should be relevant to the Illumakuta or the previous post.

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Early in the morning, I was to wandering the halls of Illumakuta HQ, which is in an undisclosed location below the Pacific. I was relived of my job to leak information on Bionicle 2015, and I decide to go to the Kitchen to grab a piece of Toast.

First we gotta recite the super secret password.
El Psy Congroo

I enter the kitchen, reciting the secret password.

I grab Banana.

it was roaming the HQ until risebell called me in asking for a report
I said he got straight A's, he said a world domination report, I started to talk about how the merry potato midget army had taken over chima and the ninjago universes, until the time travelling muaka applego knoogleblocks mech (TTMAKM) came in like a wrecking ball!

We all assembled our Megazo- I mean Mechas, and get ready to fight!

I enter my Mecha!

"What soundtrack are we fighting to? Space Jam, Shrek, or Mega Man X4?" I ask while reloading my weapons.

space jam
always jam m8
thats mah jam

I'd rather fight to the Ridley Theme.

I say Guile's theme


"Prepare to roll out!"

The gate opens and we fly away in our mechs, ready for action.

Squeaverking gets drunk and becomes DIAMOND DRUNK!!!

Mine and Drunk's mechas stand side by side, as we fight together.

In a flash of light! With a clap of thunder!
The Einsteinium Exterminator appears!
He climbed into his mech
and stood beside two guys in other mechs.
"Hello!" he called, "Who are you?"

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I immediately move infront of Squeaver's mech.

I am...

Beet J Stag! The Metal Marker! The Star of the show!

(1st-person from now on.)
"I'm the Einsteinium Exterminator, what exactly are we doing? I got dropped in here without any prior story knowledge."
I responded.

That is what happened!

"Well," I said, "That was informative, are we fighting this "TTMAKM" right now?"

I have no idea.

I walk in on this mess. "What are you two recruits doing?" I demand.