GAME: Legend Of Steve: Text-Based Forum Adventure

The third and final act of Steve's story is finally here. Hold onto your butts.

It has been four months since the death of Gui. She had fallen to save her people, but they still suffer nonetheless. The military, led by the maniacal robot Woolie laid ruin to Area Q. Many of it's citizens have parished, and the resistance is no more. Woolie destroyed their base single-handedly. All who fought back were killed, and those who caved in were left to die in the ruins.
One day, a small creature crawled through a broken drain pipe, trying to hide from the oncoming patrol. It's large blue eyes made it easy to spot, so it had to be quick. It stopped to listen. They were almost upon him. He continued on, faster than before until he reached the other end, where a hunk of wall blocked the exit. He could now here their Mutant scanners beeping. It began beeping faster and faster as they drew closer. The creature noticed that there was a patch of dirt. It thought it could escape, though, ould it have the time to dig into the earth before being riddled with bullets?

1. Dig to safety.
2. Try and escape a different way.


My butt is held.

And also, where does my confimation take place in this? Or does it?

I vote 1) Dig to safety.

I vote 1 as well

Yes I'm the third post

I believe @Booster_Gold and @Charyas are needed here. And @Gyro.

I vote 1

I vote 1

I vote 2.

I vote 1, let's dig it.

I vote 2. There might be buried mines.

Also, I think I missed something... neutral_face


um, I'll go with vote 2

The mutant dug it's claws into the earth, scurrying into it as quickly as possible. The scanner started beeping rapidly. The soldiers pointed their weapons at the drain pip below them and opened fire, the creature heard metal rain down upon him as he dug for safety. Soon, the scanner started beeping slower, and the soldiers moved on. The creature continued to dig and dig until it reach a concrete wall. It dug to his left until he reached another concrete wall. He followed it all the way back to the surface, where a manhole was wide open. The mutant had no idea what was inside, but knew another patrol was coming this way.

1. Enter the sewers.
2. Find a place to hide from the next patrol.

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I vote 2 so he might survive

Vote 1. We can trust the sewers, right? Right?

I vote 2

Vote 1. More adventurous route.

I vote 1.

I vote 2.

I vote 2, survive steve, survive


The mutant scurried away just as he heard the sound of a roaring engine. He hid in an old, destroyed house. Half of it was missing, and the other half was heavily damaged. He wandered around, looking at old furniture and appliances. The sound of the engine soon disappeared, just as the began to set. The mutant curled up in a pile of old rags, and quickly fell asleep.
In the middle of the night, the mutant was awakened by a loud bang. It almost sounded like a gunshot. It got up out of the dirty rags and followed the sound. When he reached a wall, another bang went off, and he followed it until he as at the base of a destroyed stop sign. The mutant climbed up and around it, looking for something significant. When it found nothing, another sound was heard, leading him to the manhole from before. He was confused why the sounds led him back here. Just then, he saw more mutants crawl out of the manhole. Instead of being blue like him, they were green, and looked angry. As they left the sewers, they turned to white dust. The mutant knew something was down there. He crawled down into a dirty concrete tube, filled with nasty water. He chose not to dive in, opting to crawl on the walls. It soon reached a fork in the road.

1. Go left.
2. Go right.
Hint: look at the first story.


Go right.