GAME: Oregon Trail: discussion and questions

Do you have questions about the Oregon trail game? Well, this is the place to ask!

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Is this gonna be in real time? If this goes on for months, I'm gonna be in a bad mood.

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No, it won't. i'll try to put a round up every day or so.

If our wagon breaks or such, and we have no relevant spare parts what will happen, do we die, can we walk, can we ride with someone else?

You can repair the part, and if you fail you must trade for a spare. If that fails, you can try to go with someone else. If that fails, (which I highly doubt,) you will fall behind, but then there will be a flip of the coin, which, when heads, you can start going again. (There will be the coin flip every turn.) Then you can double pace, and hopefully catch up.