[Game,RPG,Tell Tale Style Thingy] Survivors Of Dusk (Character Creation, Backstory and Rules)

Ever Since I Have Been Minecraft Story Mode I wanted to make a Tell Tale Style Game which has More of a Choice Based Style but the TTV Message Boards Shall Choose What Happens To our Heroes.

Its 2074 Space Transit has been Perfected, Artificial Oil have been Created and Earth is becoming Uninhabitable. Water and Food have Low Sources and O.W.D.A (Official.World.Defence.Armarda) Are one of the Only Saviours in The darkness while others have given their hands in to help Survivors Escape too Space Stations and Colonies (such as Japan and England). But Mutants also are Part of the Population of Earth.

But some Survivors have Smarts to Survive but how will they?. Violence? , Diplomacy?Strength in Numbers? Or All of the Above?

You Will Be Controlling the Leader of a Party of Seven (Including the Leader) But that can change throughout You Could lose or gain Members Even The Leader


Core Rule
If Someone Dies in game they cannot return meaning anyone you like or hate could die from the Choices all of you make

Choices Rules

Choices are out of 20 or Less
When ever there is a minor choice E.G Asking What a Member thinks about Wading through the Swamp or If they Like another Member. Will be out of 20 so if 11 choose to talk about wading while 9 choose to talk about another Member the Bigger number shall win and they will talk about Wading. They could also be out of 10 (this could just be to start with)

Life Choices
If one Member is going to fall into the River and could get Hypothermia while the Other Member is going to get into a fight with another one.
What Will You Do?. This Choice shall be out of how many chose it so it will not be out of 20 e.g 78% of the Comments say the leader should save the Member from falling in while 22% Chose the Ladder the Higher Percentage wins. BUT the Two Members Will Fight

Relations Rule

Friends or Foes?
When starting off the party you shall be on even sides with your Party but Some of your choices can change the Relations with you and other party members e.g One Member has a Great Relation while an other is Not friendly

If you Favour a Member it could lead to some Members Hating the Leader for not being fair to them.

Asking for Assistance
The Relation with you Members can also alter if they will help you or not e.g You Ask a Member to help Hunt some Animals they could help you… or Not

Love and Children
If your Relation gets high enough with someone you could Fall in love (Or With another Member in the Party) and maybe have a Child (Or they can). Or you could find a Child and Take him with you in the Party.

That is all the Rules and now lets move into Character Creation (I Shall be using Piskel for this) these will be out of 10 (or the Most Liked Comment)

Lets Make Our Leader First

What Skin Colour and Gender should the Leader have?



White Female!

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Why not? I say go with this!

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Magenta AI; A.K.A: No gender.

Chrome Male

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Im going to add a New rule

Dyed Hair is allowed and Maybe Red Eyes (Because Of My OTAKUISM)

Also Since two of you have chosen white Female we shall go with that (also it will be out of 6 now Okay?)

Now were doing Hair Colour and Eyes Also Hair Size

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Wait white female with blue hair also a blue eye and a yellow one!!! (My dream girl :heart:)


Since Most of you have liked the Blue haired Blue and Yellow eyed Female here what she looks like right now

Now She needs Clothing. But What?

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A dark brown leather tunic with copper shoulder armour! (I am totally not making this my perfect GF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


The Clothing would be like what you can get today such as Vests and jackets (But I might make a Fantasy style version of this)

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‘Futuristic’ Attack on Titan uniform.



Yes all the yes!!!

She doesn’t need any clothing. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Okay fine. She can have some futuristic hippie armour.