GAME: Save the person!

The rules are simple. I will say two persons and you need to save one. The other one will “die”.

Nicolas Cage or Jim Carrey?


Nicolas Cage.

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Certainly cage

@Ace It is your turn to say two characters. Whoever chose a character needs to say the next two.

Optimus Prime or The Salamander Man?

Salamander Man

Eljay of Var

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A gang of kangaroos or the random guy from the gas station?

A gang of kangaroos!

Squidward or Waluigi

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Squidward. Duh.

Flo Rida or The Magic Badger from the forest of Thailand?

The Magic Badger from the forest of Thailand. Who listens to/likes Flo Rida?

Prince or Bowie?

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Freddie Mercury or Michael bay

I choose Mercury.

J (Man in Black) or Jay (Ninjago)?

Jay Walker, just because.

G1 Wheelie or Jar-Jar Binks

Jar jar all the way

Me or @EmperorDeath


Iron man or Captain America

I would say Cap cause I like him more, but I feel like Tony has more to live for, so Tony.

A new born baby or yourself?

Me, I guess…

A Hot Single Woman or A Really Buff Woman

A really buff woman, cause she already has a family.

Kopaka or Tahu

Kopaka. I’m voicing him in a Fanimation sooo

Your imaginary spouse or your non-romantic best friend

My non-romantic best friend.

Your crush or Death or Alive (band)?

Crush bc I don’t know the band :stuck_out_tongue:

Will Farrel or Jack Black