Game: SHINE (A text-based Super-Hero adventure)

Prologue: Taylor Golding, a teen-aged girl, was exposed to a nuclear blast, being filled with so much radiation to give her super-human powers. As such, she has some rather extraordinary powers to choose from:
*Enhanced human abilities: Super strength, super jumping, super speed, etc. that allows her to do somethings that are impossible. Also, when using this power, her skin glows for some reason, and her eyes shine like the sun.
*Enhanced senses

HOW TO PLAY: We will go on an adventure with Shine, having to deal with super-villains and overall growing up. There will be options I will give in a certain situation, and you guys will have to choose from them. I would prefer you guys choosing those options, UNLESS you give an even better one, in which I will consider it, and allow it as an option if I feel it works.
Voting will end when I feel like it, so be fast!

Please follow the forum rules and don’t get into arguments. Also, I would prefer you guys choosing the options I give, unless, like I said above, you can give a better option in which I prefer to put on there.

First Decision:
This one you guys can choose: What do you think Shine should be doing when we begin? (BESIDES Villainous things. I will make sure you guys pick something appropriate for the characters)

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No. She’s a hero.

Wake up and go to school.


I knew you guys wouldn’t take this seriously. Sigh

How about watching or listening to crime reports on the news?

Seems reasonable enough. Now remember, everyone has to agree on a certain idea. Ones I rule out will NOT be something that you can choose. Example: You cannot choose for her to burn up the city, because I ruled that out.

Doing rooftop parquor (parkor? How do you spell it?) with superhuman abilities. :sunglasses:


Parkour? That’d be a cool intro.


Yes. It would.

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I agree with possible rooftop running.

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I vote for rooftop running.

I be voting for rooftop running too.


I guess all you guys agree on Rooftop Running. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chapter 1

Taylor knew this wasn’t what her father wanted her doing on Saturday nights. She jumped over several buildings during the night, while her skin glowed a yellowish color because of the use of the radiation in her body to pull off spectacular feats like this. Sometimes in the air she would pull of flips and other things, just for the fun of it. Overall, she wanted to test her powers.

Dressed in a white outfit (which glowed a yellowish color when she glowed) for comfort and flexibility, she had some equipment on her. Darkened goggles for her eyes in order to not blind people so often, a belt with little pockets on them in order to put things in them, and she wore gloves and boots to keep her hands protected. Overall, she liked to look the part of her new double life as someone who wants to keep the city protected.

Taylor knew her father would be upset if she did this; He told her not to use her powers, lest she get hurt. But Taylor didn’t care. She wanted some legitimate fun for once, and his word wasn’t going to stop her.

However, while doing a flip onto a glass surface, she broke through the glass, and ended up in an art museum, which was closed for the night. She planned on jumping out in order not to cause some commotion. But at the same time, she spotted some odd shadows in the hallway, and was rather curious.

What should she do?
A) Follow the Shadows
B) Jump out of there and mind your own business.

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I would say B

But she wants to have some fun

So A

I vote A. I wait to see if this can top the Steve text adventure.

I vote A.
Because the shadows might be thieves.

Trip an alarm, then leave.
Also, did this give you inspiration: