GAME: Story of Steve, Text Based Forum Adventure

I vote 1 because I want to watch Steve cry in misery at the cold shower.

The heck are you guys doing

Scream at your dad

Option 2 all the way



1, too bad stuck_out_tongue

Also, "only" 5 hours of sleep
You're funny

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2 things.
1. @ToaVuhii, you are cruel. But not like me... I am the Pink Fluffy Bionicle! I am the cruelest! Fear me!
2. I vote... 1. I want to watch Steve cry in misery at the cold shower. And sulfur pours through the vent. Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha-s are taking place.

As I sit here after taking a cold shower with coffee in hand, I vote on option 1.

I vote 3. Both. He screams at his dad, then brews the coffee, gets the shower, his dad bursts into the shower to pour the scalding hot coffee on him, they both slip and crack their heads on the tile, and they both go to sleep. smile

Seriously though, I vote 1.


You, my dear murderer, are funny.



Please don't slander my good "Protector" name in other topics. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

You are Master. I am Protector. Remember that know.

I vote 1 stuck_out_tongue

I vote 1.

I vote 1.

Any hints as to the overall arc of the story, or are you making this up completely as you go along?

The answer is yes. I have thought of some of the decisions, but not all.


Better do this than to have an angry dad on your case when you actually get back from school.

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Seems pointless to vote 2 at all now.
I vote 1.


That may be true, but the next event won't happen until tomorrow.

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ive played enough text-based adventures to know that yelling at your dad is probably a bad idea

i vote for #1

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I vote 1

Same reason as vuhii

I vote 3.

I vote 1, for sure.

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vote 2 cause i've never experienced this