Game: Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

@Sushiyoda does stuff

@Jakanader hates Mega Man

@Sushiyoda is mega man

@EmperorDuckie knows i have the 4th stone ( wondering why no adengures have turned up to stop me yet )

@Toby_Echozap can spell avengers right

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@Jakanader knows i am now hunting the time stone now

@Toby_Echozap won’t be stopped by Captain Marvel

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I control @EmperorDuckie’s mind and body.

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@Spiderus_Prime even though is now an advengures will be enough to stop me

@Toby_Echozap wasn’t fell into heroic saying about truth and justice.

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@Spiderus_Prime can stop me getting the time stone

@Toby_Echozap is intelligent enough to realize that this isn’t what we’re supposed to be doing on the topic.

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Everyone can sacrifice @Jakanader for the Soul Stone

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@EmperorDuckie is trying to make me feel happy.

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@Jakanader has kidnapped Roll one too many times.

@Ninja ‘s name isn’t so two decades ago

@EmperorDuckie is racist.

@Toa_Vladin is really mean

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@EmperorDuckie is in fact a goose

@Toby_Echozap didn’t just accuse me of being a demon

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