Game: Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

@EmperorDuckie wishes he was one of the people Thanos' snap affected!

@Ninja WAS one of the ppl thanos’ snap effected

@EmperorDuckie is one of my infinity gems

@Toby_Echozap hates infinity Stones/gems

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@Tarkur is Gary and Thundercracker

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@Spiderus_Prime is sad that I just passed the learners permit test

@EmperorDuckie is the reason I drink

@Ninja can't be stealthy

@Tarkur is Brospeh Stalin

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@Jakanader loved babies and children and puppies and old ppl and hates terrorists

@EmperorDuckie has burned down 6 hospitals.

@Mctoran is not a doggo

@EmperorDuckie is not a Catto.

@Mctoran has many forms.

@Spiderus_Prime hates transformers

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@EmperorDuckie hates ducks

@Toby_Echozap loved his children


@EmperorDuckie isnt one of my children

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@Toby_Echozap is not the father

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@Tarkur sings Despacito on the daily