Game: Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

@Spiderus_Prime whoops I blame it on me being tired

@TheMOCingbird never had a girl back in flight school

@Tarkur Is on T Series’ side.

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@Toa_Vladin unsubscribed to Pewdiepie

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@Tarkur Is nowhere near close to finish his Bionicle collection.

@Toa_Vladin Has no Bionicle collection

@Tarkur gets along just fine with his parents

How do you know that’s a lie?
@Jakanader Has a Ben 10 avatar.

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@Toa_Vladin can into space


@Gringat is an active member of bio-tube sorry if this sounded harsh XD

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@TheMOCingbird has changed his profile pic recently

@jakanader is a duck in disguise who likes to eat chainsaws

@meepinater loves to some magic of people’s wallets.

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@Spiderus_Prime owns a thesaurus

@Ghid thinks a thesaurus is a dinosaur

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@Jakanader Just achieved his Ultra Instinct mode.

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@Toa_Vladin does not hail Denmark like he is supposed to.


@Leoxander only hails England

@Toby_Echozap Hail Thanos.

@Toa_Vladin is a frog man.

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