Game: Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

@Ghid hates the letter G

heck how’d he know

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@Ghid said a big boy word

@Jakanader hates the mods

@meepinater is actually Jakanader

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@Hawkflight is my second account.

@Toa_Vladin didn’t turns me into a girl.

@Spiderita_Prima’s name change doesn’t puzzle me.

I can still make jokes about @Toa_Vladin’s pfp.

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@Jakanader is an Italian Queen who doesn’t need bail

Jokes on you hater, I’m actually Italian

@TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika doesn’t like Mistika

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@Jakanader’s a Nigerian Prince who desperately needs bail money.

@TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika is a Barraki lover!

I actually love them…

@Spiderus_Prime has Squidward in his avatar

@TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika doesn’t even know what the mistika are and is just trying to fool everyone

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@EvilLobsterKing is actually a good crab queen

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@TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika just made the most hilarious and original joke I have ever heard

@EvilLobsterKing thinks I have a good sense of humour

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@TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika has been dead for 50 years and is a lost spirit haunting all of us

my secret is revealed!

@EvilLobsterKing is secretly @Eljay’s dupe account