Game: Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

@jcton thinks the Codex’s should rule he world.

@ProfSrlojohn Thinks I should rule the world.

@Toa_Vladin thinks Romania should lead the EU

OOC: That’s no lie

[quote=“Toa_Vladin, post:5833, topic:15080”]That’s no lie
Vladin wants everything to be 'murica

Economy wise, of course

my underline says otherwise

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@Jcton doesn’t actually know how they got to the boards, or how they got on the internet at all. They found a laptop on their bed and decided to figure out how it worked.

Diero is secretly an anime protagonist from a horror anime, that’s why his mouth goes agape

@Flux is also a anime villain.

Is the arch nemesis of fluffy bunnies.

@ProfSrlojohn is a big fan of Gyaos!

OOC: no idea what that is.

IC: @Spiderus_Prime is planning world domination.

@ProfSrlojohn loves watching Kaiju films!

@Spiderus_Prime hates cheesy monster movies.

@ProfSrlojohn hates that one strategy game where you fight a bald guy, hmm wish I could remember it… I’ll just look at every other post he’s made

@Ghid hates the akaukau

OOC: funnily enough, the best stories are when you fight WITH Kane.

@ProfSrlojohn spelled Akaku correctly

@ghid understands that my autocorrect is broken.

@ProfSrlojohn knows that Akaku isn’t an actual word and autocorrect would not attempt to make it so

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