Game: Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

@ghid understands that akaku is a word I use often enough for my autocorrect to learn it.

@ProfSrlojohn is someone who Ghid believes spells Akaku often enough that he’d never spell it Akaukau in the first place

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@Ghid is someone who understand ls that in reality, I have no idea why it auto corrected to that. Hence why it was broken.

Sadly @ProfSrlojohn has serious infected.

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@Spiderus_Prime did the proper english

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@Ghid cannot consume solid nourishment.

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@ProfSrlojohn ‘s name makes sense and is pronouncable

@EmperorDuckie is a real duck

@Diero is incapable of successful fusing Spiderman and a Jojo character.

@ProfSrlojohn is actually dead.

@Spiderus_Prime is secretly Donkey Kong

@Flux actually wears an eyepatch

@ProfSrlojohn Is actually from North Carolina.

@Toa_Vladin is actually from Squidville!

@Spiderus_Prime thinks that spiders have six legs

@Diero Can’t tell apples and oranges apart

@Kardax wears 4 pairs of pants.
at the same time

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@Racie02 Has never seen a fish.

@Kardax is a part of the cult of Cthulu.

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@TBT_Emerald is Cthulhu.