Game: Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

@Runa is not a goofy goober

@Diero loves his cat, Kate.

@Spiderus_Prime is not a spider or a prime, or a prime spider.

@meepinater is actually from the Phineas and Feb universe

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That’s not a lie though

@Bendy_Tiger isn’t flexible at all.

@meepinater won’t “be back.”

@Runa Is a time travelling spy from the '20s that arrived here due to a malfunction in her time machine

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@GX_05 is a sentient tube of toothpaste.

@TheCobaltCorsair eats three square monkeys a day.

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@Racie02 only feels the need to reveal such information for they are a monkey

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@EmperorDuckie is part of a secret collective of snail people that are secretly controlling the world

@Diero can’t read usernames

@EmperorDuckie knows I am a she and not a they.

(you know, a lot of these comments can be kinda petty… probably including some of my own…but I’m more concerned with the fact that they aren’t outrageous.)

@Racie02 burned down her local library since she can’t read

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is secretly from a noire comic book

@Flux isn’t a pirate

but that’s not a lie, I’m a privateer:stuck_out_tongue:

is secretly a living compass

@Flux is an FBI agent that looks at what you’re typing

My bad I didn’t want to assume

@GX_05 doesn’t own any left shoes

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@EmperorDuckie never lose any money after the events of King Kong’33.