Game: The TTV Creepypasta

The rules are simple: I'll start off with a sentence, then each person adds one sentence to that to create an epic(silly)creepypasta.

Don't post anything longer that one sentence, stay on topic, if you have a question: ask in parentheses.

So I'll start-

Potao was walking down an empty street, it was a cold night.


You shall die

suddenly, a strange figure approached him

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The strange figure extends his hand, offering a strange item to Potao.

It was a triangle shaped puzzle box with an eye on it


potate opens the box
a note saying you have 24 hours to go to the club appears

Then the note grows demonic horns and bursts into flames while laughing.

Then potato says: "It begins"

the scene changes
risebell wakes up
he walks ogre to the window
all he sees is darkness

Then, a hand breaks through the window and grabs him by the colour while muttering something.

Scene changes
risebell is falling
confused he sees a small light
he walks towards it, but the fire suddenly grows, getting bigger
rise wasnt moving..he was being sucked into the fire

The fire was so hot, and Risebell felt so weak.

risebell faints
scene changes to slime
slime was walking down the offices of the metru nui

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and then a skeleton popped out!!!!!one!! 59.3spoopy61.3me!!!!!

Er- let's try that again.

Slime noticed a silhouette in the distance, apperaing to be making rude gestures at him.


slime faints, as the figure walks towards him

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Kyoryu appears out of nowhere, shouting, "SlimeXmysterious figure CONFURMED!"


Then Kyoryu hits the strange figure, it is revealed that the strange figure is Kretta!

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Kyoryu and Kretta notice the box potao still has.

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K 'n K go over to open the box, and when they open it, they discover that it contains...

An exact duplicate of Slime! Or is it the real Slime, and the one who fainted at Kretta is the fake?