Gamma Pohatu Elemental Lord of Stone

Hello again people of the Inter webs I am back with another Elemental Lord so today we take a look at E~lord Gamma Pohatu toa stone, so I took all three years of Pohatu and combine them. Pohatu like po~matoran (the the villagers of Po~koro) love the sport of Kolhii ( soccer and lacrosse lacross combined together) and is know as the patron saint of Kolhii. And he is one of my favorite Toa M.O.C in my E~Lord series and in the actual Bionicle story that Lego made in 2001~2011. So smash that like button! And have a great day.


why does he have a tube stuck up his nose


What he said.

The build is by no means bad, although there are an abundance of colors. Something is off with his hands however, and his neck is too long. Also the thing on his back is kinda odd.

It’s their so when he runs faster he can breathe as he hits too speeds with choking for air

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Not bad. Though the head tube is a bit obnoxious.

I think the main issue are the colors, too many of them and all over tha place.

I feel like his waist should be bigger.

i love it! don’t listen to them. he’s fine the way he is. i actually LIKE the tube on his face. its unique.

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Thank you

Cool Moc.

Quite messy - especially the random tubing that doesn’t serve any actual purpose.

I like the idea of combining colors from across his variants though - it’s pretty interesting looking.