Gard is pretty much the bonkle equivalent of a golem
he’s a 100% mechanical being built by Kyyle and brought to life using some magic thingajig


Looks pretty neat but… Can we get some clearer pictures of the MOC? I can’t see it very well. From what I can see the build is very interesting.


The use of that Vorox armor as a head gives him a surprising amount of character. He’s like a cold, blank slate , with empty pinhole eyes, who will turn out to be good or evil depending how you treat him

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I agree with @Altair. As cool as the black background is, it would be nice to see the MOC in the light


that’s like exactly what he’s supposed to be actually

aight just wait a couple of minutes



Looks awesome, but how in Mata Nui’s name does he stand? :laughing:

Also, cut up chest plate I see…I don’t mind, I’m not that much a purist.

I love the shapes, too, really nice!

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I really like this. Its so coll. So, i take it your done with the rp mocs?

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Dude why you gotta cut dem chests pieces and rahkshi legs

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i’ll probably be making more in the future but yeah i’m pretty much done for now

Looks cool. The cut chest piece works well in the flow of the rest of the MOC.

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Pretty cool, but I’d try to make the cut ball joints on the legs look a bit nicer.

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actually he has no problem standing up whatsoever

But if there’s no eyes on Gard where am I supposed to take these hobbits!???

Seriously though, nice work. Love the stomach details. Almost makes up for the HERESY


Gringat, you maniac! :stuck_out_tongue:

JK That’s actually pretty good.

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