Garkadon Raiton (God of lightning)

He’s not exactly done… but i wanted to post him. :sparkles:

Also ignore the garbage leg support in the back. I didn’t have a titan piston leg thing and i’m not sure when i’ll be able to order them.

Just take my word for it, the back of the moc looks fantastic. Like i just thought the back was so fabulous that i shouldn’t share the pictures of it.

Aside from that i’ll say it again. See you at brickfair!


It looks cool, but…
Is that one of the parts you’re not done yet?


Could be a mecha for all we know.

That makes… some sence.

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Very nice MOc Julian!

To those wondering: I think its like a sentient robot. I could be wrong however.

Saw this on your Flickr first. Looks amazing!

Could be wrong, but it looks like the figure uses the “Villain Core” piece for his face.

Nice MOC! I like how the proportions give him character even though he doesn’t have a face.

The way the hand axe integrate to the “kilt” looks solid, I don’t mind the lack of head from this proportion and I would like to see the back once it’s complete. (or now)

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He looks like a Jaeger.


There it is.


Called it.

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That actually makes a lot of sense now that I get a better look at it.

What the bleep, where’s the hea. Oh… I see the head.

Cool moc.

Ps it’s amazing

I can’t help as see that as the eyes, and the center gap in the chest as an ever yelling mouth.

But yeah, he (at least the part we can see) looks great, the weapon storage is also pretty nifty.

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I want to see the torso design and build for this thing

All it needs is an actual head and its great.