GarmaSkull MOC


OK this is a pretty simple and messy CCBS build with an inconsistent colour scheme.


Is this suposed to be Garmadon?

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@Toa_Vladin, really? I made sure the color was as consistent as possible. Pretty much any G2 set had this level of consistency.

@Traykar not really, just this name came in my mind due to his four arms.

Gray and gun metal fray and purple and black and dark blue? No. It is not like a normal set.

The legs are a bit odd, but I like the moc overall

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I’m no lego designer or even mocist, but I’m fairly confident that this is not an ideal guiding point to follow. Especially seeing how some are less consistent than others (Kopaka '15 and '16, Pohatu '16, Protector of Jungle and so on)

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