Gar's Mediocre Backgrounds n' stuff

Lately I’ve taken to developing my graphic designs skills by putting together backgrounds and such. They’re kind of iffy, but some people seem to like them, so I suppose I might as well make a topic for them.

Also, I’m open to suggestions.

Newest one:

A much cleaner approach with this one. I’m a little unsure if whether it’s really enough to call my own work, but at least it turned out pretty nice visually. Those of you who like to keep your desktop clean will appreciate it more than my other ones.

Older(pre-topic) pictures:


These are great! :smiley:


Wow! All of these will be used!!! But I would have used Toa ignika for the 3rd one cause I don’t like MataNui, mostly cause Toa Ignika had to die for him to be made :cry:

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I love the designs, but the OCD in me is crying out that these images aren’t quite 1080p. They’re so close, so, so close. But seriously, these are great, definitely adding them to my collection!

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If only I had my own assets. :sob:

I don’t think Toa Ignika can technically die. He sacrificed his existence as a living being, but he’s still the spirit of the Ignika. Also, Mata Nui parallels Ekimu quite a bit better in story, IMO.


I wouldn’t call these mediocre. I really like the third one.

As… in requests?

A pink background, featuring these pictures:

Umarak! :smiley:


@Garnira Might I request a profound background featuring the Barraki?

Sounds fun! I’ll take a shot at it.

I forgot to explain earlier that I’m not really doing requests, but rather open to any good ideas. Sorry, TFM. I meant to say that and got sidetracked. :sweat:


It’s alright.
I am not one to expect enormous things out of everyone, nor do I expect everyone to have absolutely all the time in the world.

So chill, bro. Chill.

P.S. I almost put “(Girl?)” in case you were a girl, but I’m pretty sure you are not.

Just a cool idea but you could do the Barraki poster then make an alternate on with gadunka breaking out of it like it was a picture or glass (Kinda like the #0 comics from DC)