Gathered Friends

Welcome, Gathered Friends, listen again to the story of the Bionicle. We Matoran live on the paradise island of Okoh Nui. Okoh Nui is a place of culture, technology, and peace. However, there has been a substantial amount of suspicious dealings in the desert city of Po Okio. Po Okio is a trading city built upon sport, hunting, and exported goods. The Turaga of the city has supposedly been working with a race of creatures known as Makuta. The Makuta are beings birthed from Anti-dermis, the opposite of Proto-dermis. Thus, the Makuta are the polar opposites of the Matoran. They were at one point exiled by the Skakdi Warlord Nektann due to them competing for control for the island, but now they have supposedly returned and made an ally in the Turaga of Po Okio. There are many places accross the Island, like the crime infested lava-river-valley town of Ta Okio, Onu Okio, the city under the mountain, Ga Okio, the floating city, Ko Okio, where it almost always snows, and lastly Le Okio, the city in the Great Tree. Off the coast of the island is the prison island of Karzhani, and even further from that has yet to have been explored.
The Do’s
Do try to make a character for your… characters. Don’t be bland with no personality is what I’m saying
Do try to follow the context of the story in terms of how you RP
The Don’ts
Don’t be rude OOC.
Don’t godmod
Don’t do anything here that you wouldn’t do anywhere else

Uhh, well, you cannot just make an RP like that, you have to make the rules and the story first. You’d better take some time and do that.


Yea, I would say wait before making this topic.

uh hey guys I added the rules feel free to do stuff now. I also have a signup area in RPG discussion for those who still need to make ocs. I just feel really bored waiting for nothing to happen and I was hoping you guys would react faster based on the positive reception in the signups. If you go over there make sure to point them in the right direction of the rp so we can get things started, okay? I don’t want this place to just sit here unused.

Actually Mata Nui created the Makuta