Gavan, Toa of Fire

Here’s my longest continued moc. He used to be my self moc back when I was ed1090 on the Lego Gallery, and now I’m using him in a fan work of mine.

A 180 with the… skirt.

“What, did you just call it?”

360 minus the, tunic.

Only two glory poses today

Now, for the bio.

Name: Gavan
Element: Fire
Gender: Male
Status: None alive in core universe.
Affiliation: Order of Mata Nui
Mask: Great Olisi (Disguised as Kanohi Huna)
Weapon: Glaive
History: Nothing major in the AU of his, to be explored in further Fan work.
Personality: Generally outgoing, Relativly brave

Also, a comment on the mask. Before everyone says that that is not an Olisi let me explain. It is based on the old German promotion that said the copper masks wetre more powerful than other masks. In story, Velika wanted to spite the other great beings and forged copies of the rare non legendary masks disguised as powerless masks, Gavan, as a matoran, won an Akalini tournament and won the mask whilst in Metru Nui.

Well, thats all. You can find his Canon universe story here

All feedback is appreaceated.


Very cool; I like the use of the copper mask, though having it be matched with other copper pieces throughout the build would make it work better.

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This is really good, from what I can tell he has a nice torso build.
Also the use of a glaive as a weapon in a bionicle moc is something I’ve never seen, I wish people would use it more. I also originally thought this guy was a samuri, the waist cloak is a nice touch. :ok_hand:

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@Morgy Thankyou, I like to use obscure weaponry for my characters, you can only have so many swords, and something I’ve realized is that most of my “Self-mocs” from the Lego Gallery all have very Samurai-esq, looks to them.

@jayzor17 It’s bugged me a tad, but I kind of like it, it brings focus to the mask. I also can’t find any other peices in the color, so that’s out of it. Do you know of any other peices in the color?

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Pretty cool

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Holly moclly! He is awesome! Very textures, good color scheme (except for the mask). I really like it! 9,5/10

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Thanks, the real reason the mask is there is for story relevance, and it’s slightly redish, so I’d say works for the most part, and good luck finding s Metru red huna for under $20.

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It doesn’t exists. You can paint it.

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It does, as a misprint. And I don’t like to use paint on my peices, at least on my 2001 peices.


I love the colors and the use of the fabric. Gives it so much character. And the shoulder design is so good!

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He’s quite classy, though legs are a bit bulky.

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Thanks very much. I appreciate your feedback.

@Voxumo It’s a little something that I carried over from the older versions of the character. Thank you for the compliment.

Mmm, I love me a metru-build.

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Thanks, I based the design off of the Metru build because that’s supposed to be the Canon form most Toa take.

Your MOC was featured on the latest episode of The Bionicle Inspiration Series


Great use of parts. Though, he does look better without the capes in my opinion

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I just saw it this morning. It was one if the biggest and best surprises ive had this year. I am truly honored.


Cool. I love the colors, design, and weapon.

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